Springtime in the Rockies

Ah, springtime in the Rockies.  The winds blowing down off of the mountain peaks are not only bringing with them rapid shifts between 80 degree sunshine and snowy blizzards, but they are bringing a serious spring fever.  That bug that gets under your skin and into your core, making you itch like crazy for change, for adventure.  For some, it means throwing out all the old junk piling up around the house and getting organized.  For others, it means strapping on the backpack and hitting the trails, seeing which mountain peaks they will summit this season.  New adventures, new challenges, new dreams.  What are those springtime winds blowing your way this year?

The gusty Colorado winds have blown the writing bug my way this year.  And last year, and the year before.  Finally, however, it has worked its way through my skin and lodged itself firmly in my heart.  I have written since I could hold a crayon in my stubby little fingers.  I spent hours daydreaming up stories, sending Barbie and countless stuffed animals on wild adventures before scribbling them down on every piece of paper I could find.  Not much has changed, except that the stuffed animals sit on a shelf instead of partaking in wild epics.  I still fill up notebooks and flash drives with countless stories, and can barely keep up with the stories that crowd their way into my mind on a daily basis, begging to be written. This year, I’ve decided to finally put writing at the forefront.  I am digging out all the old creative writing books that have become slightly dusty on my bookshelves and re-reading them.  I am experimenting with different genres, reading AND writing things I never thought I would dabble in.  And I am determined to take one of those notebooks off the shelf, polish it to perfection, and see it in publication.

This blog is all about writing.  I’ll share my heart, my knowledge, and thoughts in this forum.  I’ll share snippets of my writing with you, and hope that you’ll share with me.  One thing I’ve learned is that while writing is usually done in solitude, it is not a solitary game.  Having friends and colleagues to support you, proofread your work, give you feedback and knock you on your head when you’ve threatened to give up mean the world.  Let’s be friends, colleagues, fellow writers and readers together.


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